Thursday, July 25, 2013

LED FOAM STICKS An incredibly versatile party favor and one of our most popular party items, the LED foam sticks have a three function, three color LED action which you can use to set the mood and upswing of your event, club or party. We have them as 18" LED foam sticks as well as a higher quality 16" LED foam sticks
**Here are the 18'inch 3function Sticks & 16"inch 6Function high quality sticks** Extremely popular at nightclubs, concerts, parties, special events, grand openings, clubs and weddings, these party foam sticks are the perfect handheld party favors, guaranteed to excite your guests. 
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Promote your venue or make your special event that extra special with customized LED foam sticks.
We have specials on bulk pricing and an easy upload tool for you to add your artwork. 

A decorative and colorful party piece to add to your venue, bar or club. The colors change from red, green and blue and are activated as soon as they are dropped into any liquid and watch them glow.  
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Use them in drinks to highlight drink specials, punch bowls, ice water pitchers or even vases.  

 These LED water activated ice are of highest quality and completely re-usable. They will bring a subtle ambiance and a bit of funk to any venue, bar, club, lounge or party. 
These glowing cubes float so add that extra something to your next pool party or drop them in a fountain. 
Everyone loves a bit of color or something different in their drink to heighten the festive feeling.
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Problems with crowd control?

These wristbands are a great way for you to keep track of your patrons, guests or concert crowds. They are made with a patented adhesive so they're nontransferable, one size fits all, great for dry or wet weather conditions as they are tear and stretch resistant. With so many colors available, the sky is the limit to your use for them. 
Use Tyvek wristbands to make quick distinctions between your crowds for drink specials, different age groups, pay scale, etc. While you're distinguishing who's who, add some VIP wristbands to your cart, also available in a rainbow of colors.

If you're looking for something a little bit more glamorous, shiny or with some edge to it, check out our Vinyl wristbands and Hologram wristbands

The vinyl and plastic wristbands have a Grommet security lock share the same security features as the Tyvek wristbands. 

All of our wristbands can be customized to your preference through our website.  

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The hottest new addition to our special effects line here at Night Club Supplies, South Florida's leading night club supplier. 

The bright LED CO2 Party Cannon is a really exciting crowd pleaser to add to your venue, party or night club. Our LED CO2 Party Cannon is fun and really easy to operate.  

Keep your crowds rocking with this special effects item which has a color changing tube that orbs from red to blue to green while blasting cool CO2 .

When you order this product, it comes as is and does not include the CO2 tank, CO2 hose, or backpack, so make sure you order them so you're all set rock out with your cannon out.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One of the newest products that is now used for bottle service is the LED STROBE BATON(Electric bottle sparkler). This ultra bright wand is being used all over the world at nightclubs, events, lounges, and even private parties. Thou is not as convenient as the vip bottle sparkler, it still serves its purpose at many venues all over the world. 

Bottle service girls or vip hosts use these wands to show the crowd that they are on there way to the table with the bottle or bottles for there vip guest. See below:

This amazing product is not only low on price but easy to use. Carries 6 AAA batteries and it has a simple push button function. One the battery is done then you can replace them..
This led bottle sparkler will surely get the attention of your guest and the entire crowd. You cant go wrong with this HOT ITEM. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Since the LED FOAM STICKS hit the market several years ago, they have been a sensation worldwide. From concerts, to special events, to nightclubs, weddings and many more.. This items has sold millions every year. When the customization process came into play, it took the LED Customized foam stick to a whole other level. is on of the leaders in the industry of the led custom foam stick. Servicing some of the biggest nightclubs and biggest events world wide, we have made a name for ourselves in the market. For as low as $1.29, we can design almost any logo, print or font on your led foam stick.. 
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Nightclubs, weddings, special events and more.. All over the world have come to us to design or make there customized led foam sticks so without a doubt this is one of the most popular product to have. Check out our website for more products and more pictures of what we can do. Just simply tell us what you want and we will do our best to make it happen. Nightclub Supplies will take on any job..

Bring some excitement to your parties by purchasing this hot item..

One of our hottest selling items specially in the summer is our 3oz Jello Injectors with foam holder. This ultimate party accessory is one of the most popular items in private parties, nightclubs, bars, beach parties, pool parties & more.. Hold 12 - 3oz Syringes and it has a square foam hold for comfort. Dont go a day without ordering our 3oz Jello injector with foam holder. See here..

Other than being a great party accessory, venues have learned for many years to use this product to generate extra income for there event or party. Nightclub Supplies has a specific section just for revenue generator  like this 3oz jello injector with foam holder. Also know as syringes, this party accessory will definitely be a huge hit at your next event..

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One of the greatest creations in the nightlife industry is our LED MENUS. These LED MENUS are great for restaurants, lounges, bars, nightclubs and any outside settings that require light. With 4 different models to choose from plus the check presenter and light up stand, these LED MENUS will be the finishing touch to your venue.

Outdoor restaurants, low light setting restaurants and lay back lounges all over the world order our menus for the simple purpose of just adding a high end touch to there venue. 
Nightclub Supplies makes it a priority to wow our customer so they can wow theirs  so our LED MENUS is just one of many items that will bring that wow factor to almost any venue. They are shipped within 24-48hours from the day of your order and custom orders can be produced in as little as 2 weeks after art approval. 

Impress your customers and make our LED MENUS a solid investment to your nightclub, bar, restaurant or lounge!