Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One of the newest products that is now used for bottle service is the LED STROBE BATON(Electric bottle sparkler). This ultra bright wand is being used all over the world at nightclubs, events, lounges, and even private parties. Thou is not as convenient as the vip bottle sparkler, it still serves its purpose at many venues all over the world. 

Bottle service girls or vip hosts use these wands to show the crowd that they are on there way to the table with the bottle or bottles for there vip guest. See below:

This amazing product is not only low on price but easy to use. Carries 6 AAA batteries and it has a simple push button function. One the battery is done then you can replace them..
This led bottle sparkler will surely get the attention of your guest and the entire crowd. You cant go wrong with this HOT ITEM. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

FOR INFO CALL: 1-866-437-7557

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