Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This phenomenal product is a must have for bottle service in any setting specially nightclubs, bars and lounges. Our bottle service serving trays will show your guest great service and will also give your venue an upscale appearance  This bottle service serving tray will keep all your items in order and will surely help your vip host with the carrying of the bottles and mixers required to complete a bottle service experience. Our bottle service serving tray comes with 3 CARAFES, 2 GARNISH BOWLS, 1 ICE BUCKET, 1 NAPKIN/STRAW COMPARTMENT. The best part of this item is that we can customize the front compartment it with your club logo, your name or name of event. This item is great for nightclubs, bars and lounges!
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This VIP Serving tray will surely get the attention of your guest and will show how much attention is put into there needs. Nightclubs and Lounges all over the world have come to Nightclub Supplies USA for there bottle service needs. From VIP SPARKLERSLED sparklerswristbandsvip serving trays, and much more.. We carry it all..

As an added bonus to our VIP TRAY PRODUCT LINE, we also carry more economical trays that also be customized to your liking. These trays are smaller, more compact but they serve the same purpose. See below one of the models we carry:
These trays are laser cut and polished to perfection. You the the many options of getting it with a locking cage or with out a locking cage. Either way this tray is one of many that are highly requested. By taking a look at the video below you can get a view of how the tray will look once is done. We can also provide you with a 3D image PROOF of how it will look with your logo. Just contact us by CLICKING HERE

Last but not least, check out our IMPERIAL SERVING TRAY. This tray is the most elegant tray we have. Its BIG its FANCY and it will totally blow your customers away.. It also has a LOCKING cage and the option to PUT your logo on it..

VIP SERVICE is an important part of the nightlife industry. It is important for the overall venue's appearance and it creates a great customer experience. We focus very hard on bringing products that are innovative and attractive. That is why we have created a section on our website that targets the VIP experience in the nightclub setting. 
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In bottle service presentation is key. So we have also developed a Bottle Presenter that will also take your bottle service experience to NEW heights. Take a look below to see what we have created.

This Bottle Presenter is the ULTIMATE in bottle service. It was specifically designed for the "LED NITE SPARX PLUS" the "LED STROBE BATON" and the traditional BOTTLE SPARKLER. It is a fantastic item to have and a fantastic item to impress your guest. You can use all the accessories together or you can use them one at a time.
We Can also customize it with your logo


Nightclub Supplies USA LLC specializes in products that catch the attention of your audience and your competitors. With our in house design team, everyday we push it to the limit in order to challenge ourselves. This method allows us to come up with innovative products or find the right companies that have them.  Contact us right away to check out what we have or what we can do for you..

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