Monday, August 31, 2015

This is the new revolutionary product made for bottle service. For many years nightclubs, bars, lounges, or any bottle service venue have used the traditional Bottle Sparklers. Now that we have launched the new NITE SPARX BOTTLE BATON, we can offer venues a better alternatives to the traditional sparkler. 

The Nite Sparx Bottle Baton™ comes in SILVER & GOLD aluminum casing. See picture below to see the difference:

With these option you have the ability to choose the casing you want. Click here to see more picture!

The LED NITE SPARX BOTTLE BATON™ also known as the electronic sparkler fits gently on top of the bottle as the picture below. Click Here for more info!

 NITE SPARX BOTTLE BATON™ is completely battery operated and extremely bright. It can bring the same effect as a traditional sparkler. By using this product it will avoid any risk of fore burns, smoke, flames, any discharge of the fire alarms, and specially no fire Marshall visits. To see its great effects please see video below: has put alot of effort into developing great and innovative products. One of the products that has started all this is the revolutionary LED NITE SPARX™ and the latest version of the LED NITE SPARX PLUS™. Since then the whole industry has taken notice of the new wave of bottle service. From VIP SERVING TRAYS to BOTTLE GLORIFIERS large or small.

Now that we have release the newest bottle service accessory, our NITE SPARX BOTTLE BATON™ also known as the led bottle sparkler. We can say that we are helping the industry advance in the right direction. Bottle service girls love the new products and specially the NITE SPARX BOTTLE BATON™.


Nightclub Supplies USA LLC carries over 350 products that target Nightclubs, Bars, restaurants, concerts, and festivals. From small LED PRODUCTS, GLOW PRODUCTS , LIGHTING/SPECIAL EFFECTS, and more..

One of our specialty is VIP BOTTLE SERVICE PRODUCTS. So by developing different products, it gives us a competitive edge over our competitors. Now that the new LED NITE SPARX BOTTLE BATON™ is here we can show you what we are whiling to do for our customers. Give the venues something to use to impress their customers.

**It will available in GOLD & SILVER ALUMINUM**

This product has changed the industry along with several others we carry so check out our website ..

Foor more information on all our products and specially our new ELECTRONIC SPARKLER (Aka: NITE SPARX BOTTLE BATON™) call: 1-866-437-7557 or CLICK HERE to email us your questions.


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